Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Piotrkowska Street

One of the most renowned streets in the country and also the longest Polish promenade is a symbol of the city. Tenement houses and palaces of Piotrkowska house shops, restaurants, cafés, restaurant yards, pubs, and music clubs. Piotrkowska pulsates with life all year round while fairs and festivals that take place there, e.g. Light Move Festival or Songwriter Festival, give it its unique charm.

When strolling along Piotrkowska, it is also worth glancing inside the renovated backyards, including the backyard of OFF Piotrkowska – one of the new wonders of Poland. Equally interesting for tourists and locals alike is the Passage of Rose and Birth of a Day. It is also a good idea to look up. The facades of the buildings situated in Piotrkowska are laden with eclectic architectural details: caryatids, relieves, bay windows... Look under your feet and you will see the Walk of Fame referring to the cinematic heritage of Lodz, and the Monument of Lodz Citizens – a lane of the street laid with almost 17 thousand paving blocks with a cast iron plate with names and last names of the city inhabitants.