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PURO Łódź Centrum****

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PURO Hotel Łódź is the sixth hotel under the PURO brand and the first such place on the map of Łódź. Located opposite the neo-baroque Poznański Palace and the post-industrial Manufaktura complex, it combines modern design, young art and architecture at its best. Thanks to its central location, the main promenade of Łódź, Piotrkowska, is within walking distance, but also the Łódź Museum of Art, famous for its avant-garde art.

PURO fits perfectly into the space of the city, where design and fashion live in symbiosis with a rich history and cultural heritage. The original shape designed by ASW Architekci harmonizes with the post-industrial playground, which is the center of Łódź. Sublime interiors with retro flair allow both full relaxation and work in concentration. Designers from the London studio Superfutures have created a space refined in every detail with a timeless design. Inside, guests can comfortably sit in stylish classics of the Danish brands Verpan and Fredericia, while on the outdoor terraces stand out furniture produced by the family-owned company Kettal from Spain.

Throughout the hotel, guests have the opportunity to admire the art of artists associated with Łódź. It is impossible to pass by the impressive size of the cinema mural by Illcat and Maciej Polak. The interiors of 130 rooms and 7 suites are decorated with illustrations by Ola Niepsuj, collages by Tomasz Szerszeń, kilims  of the Łódź duo Tartaruga, photographs by Sonia Szóstak and Jacek Kołodziejski, linocuts by Karol Pomykała, or graphics by Bartosz Kosowski inspired by spatial compositions of Katarzyna Kobro, an avant-garde sculptor strongly embedded in the artistic space of interwar Łódź. Art has also found its place in lobbies, conference rooms, spas, restaurants and bars. In addition, in the cinema space, guests can look at collector's posters related to the legendary Łódź Film School.

Film has always held a special place in the heart of Łódź, and PURO pays tribute to this in the form of an intimate cinema in the hotel. Art Deco doors  lead to a pink room with a bar and a popcorn machine – a place that feels like something straight out of a Wes Anderson movie. Cinema Paradiso is a fairy-tale room with velour cinema armchairs, in which film screenings will be held regularly, both for hotel guests and residents of Łódź. A great place for evening relaxation.

Lodz PURO is an ideal destination for creative travelers who appreciate quality, good design and local artists. Łódź has been home to many festivals and events related to design, fashion and art, which is why the presence of PURO in this city is a great excuse for even a weekend trip to the capital of Polish film.