Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Pracownia Tytka

The author of the book “Fifka i żulik, czyli domowa kuchnia łódzka” (Cigarette-Holder and Turkish Bread with Raisins – Home Cuisine of Lodz) and a host of Pracownia Tytka, Anna Wojciechowska, invites customers to the colorful workshop where they can carry out their culinary and artistic passions. Here customers have a chance of discovering the secrets of culinary art, photograph feelings, revel in the favor, smell, and joyous atmosphere of working together. The workshop places special emphasis on the dishes of Lodz and old Polish cuisine as well as wonderful traditional pastries. The place was created to teach while bringing joy! Here, children, youth, and adults can find a “delicious” dose of knowledge spiced with a pinch of passion. Workshop participants will experience an incredible culinary journey around the world getting to know new flavors and smells. They will learn how to interpret recipes and measure ingredients; they will also work on the techniques of cutting and preparation of dishes from start to finish. Adults will dwell into the nuances of the widely-understood gastronomy. People suffering from diet-related diseases will expand their knowledge and learn how to compose their dishes in order to improve or even regain their health. At Pracownia Tytka, learning goes hand in hand with great fun! Transferring knowledge on healthy food and selecting healthy products is not the only activity of the workshop. Tytka’s most important objective is to teach how to prepare marvelous dishes. The workshop offers individual and group classes. 

Pracownia Tytka
2a Anyżowa St.

Opening hours: 8:00-22:00

Phone: (+48 42) 512 382 321
Email: kontakt@pracowniatytka.pl


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