Szykier coffee & bistro


Before the war, a Jew named Ezra Szykier lived in Łódź. He was the largest importer of kosher wine and plum brandies, and at the same time a great philanthropist. He supported orphan homes and hospitals from profits. It was at his request that in 1896-1901 neo-Renaissance houses were built on the corner of Nowomiejska and Północna streets. Nowadays, in the same building, we can meet and temporarily stop a time. Thanks to the historic polychrome, pre-war jazz music and 100-year history, we will take you to a bygone era.


In old times cafes were a pretext for meetings. In the evening, life and art were discussed. We decided to continue this tradition. Our cafe holds meetings with artists - actors, musicians, painters and writers. Numerous vernissages, debates, workshops, swing dances, acoustic concerts and theater performances. We want the Szykier to be a place full of passion.


Coffee and tea of s"peciality" quality, natural cakes without preservatives, original bagels, toasts, salads, dry tarts, craft ice cream, craft beer, wines from Italy, a frizzante with a stick is only part of the offer. Our certified team of SCA baristas will brew you classic and alternative coffee. Aeropress, Drip, Chemex, Kalita, Cold Brew and NITRO- coffee saturated with nitrogen!


Szykier Coffee & Bistro
1/3 Północna Street, 91-420 Łódź