Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Owoce i Warzywa

Owoce i Warzywa is a club café with the best cappuccino and espresso in town and a selection of freshly-brewed coffees. Apart from the coffee prepared in a coffee maker, customers can also try best quality specialty coffees, prepared using alternative methods, such as drip or aeropress. As one of the first cafés in Poland, Owoce i Warzywa has introduced nitro coffee (cold brew infused with nitrogen, with flavoring). The baristas at Owoce i Warzywa have trained under the supervision of Błażej Walczykiewicz [Coffee proficiency], Damian Durda [Bonanza Coffee Heroes: The Visit Coffee Roastery], and the barista world champion, Gwilym Davis. The interior features works of the leading Polish street artists, collection of furniture from the 1960’s and 70’s, bookshop selling art and design books and, of course, freshly roasted coffee which customers may buy to take home. All this is complemented by niche beers and the widest selection of non-alcoholic beverages in Lodz – from kvass (bread drink) to baobab tree drink. The kitchen serves ciabatta bread, grilled sandwiches, and salads. The club café Owoce i Warzywa is, most of all, open, friendly, interesting people who don’t take life all that seriously.

Owoce i warzywa
Ul. Traugutta 9
tel. +48 515 154 928


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