Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Planetarium EC1

Planetarium at EC1 Lodz – the City of Culture is the most advanced such facility in Poland, equipped with a spherical screen of 14 meters in diameter and resolution of 8 K (over 32 million pixels, which in practice translates into the image quality eight times better than HD).

Perfect image is also the result of 12 modern computers and the implemented technology – the seams between particular screen elements are invisible, which allows for a complete immersion in the screening. The impression is magnified by the Dolby Surround sound system.

Planetarium EC1 Lodz has 110 seating places and the armchairs can be adjusted to the most ergonomic position. The facility can house 140 people. The entire project, equipment, and software are the responsibility of the Wrocałw-based consortium A+V and the American Evans&Sutherland. It is also worth mentioning that there is only one planetarium in Europe with similar parameters, in Lucerne, which, in a way, served as a prototype for the more advanced planetarium of Lodz.

Tickets to the Planetarium EC1 can be booked or bought online at http://bilety.ec1lodz.pl/ and at the ticket counters of EC1.

Planetarium EC1, Lodz, 1/3 Targowa Street, entrance from Wojciecha Jerzego Hasa St. (from the side of the Lodz Fabryczna Railway Station).


Opening hours of the tickets counters at Planetarium EC1:

Tuesday to Friday: 830 to 1900

Saturdays and Sundays: 930 to 1900

Mondays: maintenance day, Planetarium is closed