Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Hilary Majewski Villa

The former residence of the city architect of Łódź, Hilary Majewski, is one of the most important monuments in Łódź. The splendid urban mansion was opened to visitors in 2023. Its renovation was one of the most demanding investments in the revitalization program, and conservators put a lot of work into restoring its former glory. The interiors amaze with the richness of decorations. Currently, Majewski's Villa serves important cultural functions and is open to residents and tourists. It hosts exhibitions, workshops, and urban activities.

Hilary Majewski was an outstanding Polish architect who served as the city architect of Łódź from 1872 to 1892. His works shaped the appearance of Łódź that is still visible today. His most important Łódź projects include: the industrial complex with many factory buildings of Izrael Poznański (now the Manufaktura Shopping Center), the "Grand" hotel at Piotrkowska Street 72, the Franciszek Fischer house at Piotrkowska Street 54, the villa of Matylda and Edward Herbst, now the "Księży Młyn" Residence - a branch of the Museum of Art.