Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

EC1 Lodz

Targowa 1/3, 90-022 Łódź   +48 42 600 61 73   E-mail   WWW   PDF   Facebook

1840 2222  - 30 70  1 km x x

Revitalized and rebuilt eastern complex EC1 serves cultural, artistic, and social functions. At the same time, it is an important element of the New Center of Lodz, combining architectural trends of the beginning of the previous century and modern post-industrial movement. EC1 is an open space for artists of various fields, adapted for individual creative work, workshops, and group events. EC1 has already hosted prestigious events, such as the Promised Land Art Festival, Festival of Pleasant and Unpleasant Plays, Festival of Theater Schools, Festival Transatlantyk, Animator on Tour, or Light Move Festival. It is also home to the National Center for Film Culture, Łódź Film Commission, and Center for Comics and Interactive Narrative. EC1 complex offers events that foster intelligent and inspiring spending of free time. On 8 January 2016 at the EC1 East, the Planetarium, the most modern in Poland and one of the most advanced in Europe, was opened. After only eight months of operation, it had been visited by over 100 thousand people. In 2016, the Planetarium won number one spot in the contest “7 New Wonders of Poland”, organized by the monthly magazine National Geographic Traveler. The western part of the EC1 complex houses the largest Center of Science and Technology in Poland with a spherical 3D screen. Thanks to the preservation of some old installations and devices and combining them with modern forms of presentation, EC1 provides a unique way of learning. 

Meeting room / Event space
Hala Maszyn 1200  600  400  600
Planetarium 110 - - -
Sala 1+2+3 300 - 80 120
Sala 1 40 - 20  20
Sala 2 130 - 40 50
Sala 3 130 - 40 50
Teatr eksperymentalny lvl. 0* 50 - - 24
Teatr eksperymentalny lvl. 1 16 - - -
Audytorium  150 - - -
Teren zewnętrzny         
*The room has 18 immovable computer stations, each equipped with a PC and 2 screens