Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Lodz Special Economic Zone

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326 673 - catering 60 1,5km x x

Conference spaces are located in the revitalized 19th century L. Grohman’s factory. It’s an exceptional combination of modern design and historical architecture of the old Lodz. A definite advantage of the facility is its location in Księży Młyn, which ensures excellent communication with the rest of the city providing, at the same time, a quiet atmosphere and possibilities of free arrangement of conference rooms. When renting one conference room, the client can also use the Relax Zone free of charge. The zone consists of a park with a pond and various walking paths with benches and gazebos. The space can be used as exhibition area or for catering purposes. 

Meeting room
K1 250 200 200-250 150
K1 (A) 110 60 60-80 60
K1 (B) 50 25 25-50 25
K1 (C) 110 60 60-80 60
K1 (D) 160 88 88-120 88
K2     16  
K3     14  
K4     16