Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Krzywa Kamienica / Crooked House

Próchnika 53, 90-712 Łódź  +48 577 857 357  E-mail  WWW  Facebook  Instagram 

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"Crooked Tenement House" is one of the pearls of the tenement houses of Łódź. The building was erected in 1890 in the Old Polesie district at the corner of Lipowa and Próchnika streets. The uniqueness of the tenement house manifests itself in its unprecedented form, to be found nowhere else in Łódź, in its "concave", corner and L-shaped silhouette. In the years 2017-2019 the building was completely modernized. The new owners’ idea was to breathe life into the "Crooked Tenement House" so that it could once again delight and welcome guests in its new shape. This unique aparthotel offers 28 diverse and unique apartments. There is also a small conference room capable of accommodating 25 people in a theatre or school layout.

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