Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Historical band: Bigiel Banda

A band consisting of Łódź musicians and singing artists whose dream is to give a second life to songs of Łódź factories, courtyards or ballrooms. The vast majority of the works come from the heyday of the "promised land". They were transmitted orally or in the form of notes, and have survived to this day, though a little forgotten. Thanks to the materials found, artists were able to take advantage of their charm and the strength emanating from authentic historical artefacts. So let's listen to what the old Łódź used to sound like!

During the concert, artists talk about the songs they perform, their stories, or the events they refer to. It is also possible to have a dramatized version in which the actors perform scenes from the life of Łódź's Al Capone of the pre-war era – Blind Max, reflecting the mood of those times. The repertoire also includes a version of the concert with the songs of four cultures (Polish, Jewish, Russian and Ukrainian). This version also features the vocals of Taras Grosh, an artist of Ukrainian origin.

organizer type no. of participants czas trwania languages
Brava Gente Concert max1000 20-75 min.  PL