Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Secrets of the industrial Łódź

Organizer Type No. of participants Duration Languages
Eventy Diamenty Dynamic event  15 - 150 4-6 hrs. EN, DE, RU

"Secrets of the industrial Łódź" is a hugely dynamic urban game along the route of the factories and film heritage of Łódź. The aim of the game is to get to know Łódź in a spectacular way, based on competition, cooperation and riddles. Here even music is the answer... From the first minutes, the participants witness unusual events: a closely guarded "secret" was stolen and the sworn enemies joined forces to recover it. Participants of the game are divided into groups that obtain (often through negotiation) tips leading them to the target. We are drawn into the world of secrets by manufacturers, spinners, actors, dancers, music or antique vehicles. Participants cross the doors of places such as the famous film school, underground cinema room, lavish mansions of the factory owners; they watch working looms, race, do role plays, discover uncomfortable secrets ... Everything leads to a surprising and spectacular finale (personalized for each client) culminating in a show, tastings and an elegant dinner. The best players will receive gifts :)