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Iness Hotel***

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If you're looking for a convenient location, look no further than Iness Hotel. Situated close to the city center and on the main road, it offers easy access to popular attractions like Zatoka Sportu, Hala Expo, Atlas Arena, and Orientarium. Immerse yourself in the culture of Łódź with our diverse room decor that showcases the city's interesting places in a large format. We have 129 comfortable and stylish rooms to choose from, including single and double rooms, rooms with an elevated standard, and spacious 3 and 4-person rooms perfect for families and groups. Satisfy your cravings with our delicious buffet breakfasts and hotel restaurant menu. Our large, monitored parking lot and pet-friendly facility are just a couple of our many amenities. For business events, we offer modern conference rooms ranging from 40 to 160 square meters, as well as a welcoming hotel lobby. And, keep an eye out for our expressive mural that captures the essence of Łódź. Book your stay at Iness Hotel and discover all that our city has to offer.

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