Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Game “Password? Zalewajka”

The game moves the participants in time to the beginning of the 20th in order to get to know the reality of the old, workers’, multicultural Lodz through the cuisine of that time. The game players will encounter, for example, a Jewish merchant and a local poet writing a poem on…zalewajka (type of potato soup). Good sense of smell and sensitive palate will come in handy, whereas agility when performing kitchen work will also be important as the crowning moment of the game is a joint cookout. As a souvenir, the participants will receive the first Lodz-rooted cookbook “Fifka i żulik, czyli domowa kuchnia łódzka” Potato Soup and Turkish Bread with Raisins – Home Cuisine of Lodz) written by Anna Wojciechowska and published by REGIO.

Organizer Type Number of participants Duration Foreign Languages
REGIO field urban game from 20 to 150 ca. 3 hrs. english