Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Exclusive saunas / aquapark

Aquapark Fala in Lodz is one of the biggest such facilities in Poland and it is possible to rent it exclusively for business groups. It may be a group stay only at the “Sauna World” or a combined stay – saunas plus sports and recreational swimming pools. Exclusive leases are possible on weekdays except for Fridays, starting 10:00 pm for a maximum of 5 hours. The service is complemented by a wide selection of catering options: fruit platters (oranges, kiwis, and apples), tortillas with ham, Hawaiian salad, vegetable salad and vegetarian salad, cupcakes with pudding, coffee, and tea. Beer and other beverages are available during the event in the “wet bar”.

Organizer Type No. of participants Duration Foreign languages
Aqua Park Łódź Sp z o.o. recreation no limits from 3 to 5 hrs  EN