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University of Humanities and Economics in Łódź

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For 28 years, the University of Humanities and Economics in Łódź has been one of the largest non-public academic centers in the country. The university offers the following spaces for rent:

School rooms and halls - the university offers the rental of training rooms 7 days a week, in an attractive location in the very center of Łódź. It offers affordable prices, good equipment and professional support from the customer service team.

PATIO - the University's offer also includes the organization of trainings, congresses and banquets in PATIO located in a revitalized facility located at 52 Rewolucji 1905 St. in Łódź. The unique décor and original design of this interior provide an unforgettable experience. The convenient downtown location is undoubtedly an asset of this venue. PATIO’s area allows you to organize events from 100 up to 600 people. Depending on the preferences, PATIO can be a banquet area or be adapted to business needs, with full multimedia equipment.

Film and television studio "Arterion" - Arterion is a professional film and television studio. It is a multimedia place that allows you to technically combine several different forms of information transmission (e.g. text, sound, graphics, animation, video). Arterion has fully equipped TV studios, where television programs, advertising and training films, music videos as well as videos for websites can be shot. Arterion also offers performance halls with full technical facilities.

Galeria Patio2 - Galeria Patio2 is a space for dialogue between artists and the community. It is here that creative and educational activities promoting art and culture are showcased. The gallery's activities consist in the presentation of the achievements of students, teachers and invited artists. Galeria Patio2 focuses its activities on the cooperation with artists, student communities, cultural centers as well as the organization of exhibitions, workshops and seminars.

Aula G1 336 x x 336
Aula G2 288 x x 288
Aula H020 233 x x 233
Aula H116 175 x x 175
Aula H119 119 x x 119
Aula H120 260 x x 260
PATIO 600      
Galeria Patio2