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University of Music Concert Hall

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The Concert Hall is located in the heart of the building. This modernly equipped place, thanks to its excellent acoustics and high-end sound system, provides comfortable conditions for symphonic, oratorio and chamber concerts and recordings of various genres of music. The vast stage simultaneously accommodates a large performance apparatus - 160 musicians, including an 80-member symphony orchestra and an 80-member choir. In front of the stage there's a special moat for the orchestra with a trapdoor, essential for the realization of planned opera and dance performances. More than 300 sqm of the stage and the curtain placed above it allow the realization of theatrical performances. Lighting also plays an important role: fully automated and remotely controlled from a room above the auditorium. It gives the possibility of very precise operation, interacting with sound and creating interactive performances. Multimedia presentations are realized, among other things, based on a modern camera system, screens and high-end projectors, allowing film projections in quality comparable to cinema presentations. The concert hall's technical facilities consist of, among other things, a backstage, storage rooms and dressing rooms, all equipped with sanitary facilities and digital signage system monitors. Thanks to great acoustics, all seats - from the first to the last row - are comfortable in terms of music reception.

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