Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Museum of Art Garden

Więckowskiego 36, 90-734 Łódź  +48 531 586 200  E-mail  WWW  Facebook  Instagram

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Art Museum of Lodz is an institution which possesses the largest collection of modern art in the country. The main branch of the Museum is located in the beautiful Neo-Renaissance palace of Maurycy Poznański, the son of one of the most prominent factory owners of 19th century Lodz. The courtyard and garden are available for rent.  

Courtyard – granite courtyard surrounded by palace buildings together with a garden alley. The space can be used for happenings or other events.

Garden – the space is located at the end of the palace courtyard. It includes the green grass square and the garden alley leading to it. It may be used for concerts, happenings, and company meetings.

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Garden 150 150