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Herbst's Palace

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Herbst Palace is one of the most beautiful post-factory mansions in Poland. It was built around 1875 for Matylda and Edward Herbst. Nowadays visitors can admire its restored interiors decorated in the style typical for Lodz mansions and palaces from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The building is located in Księży Młyn, the former Karol Scheibler’s factory complex entered to the list of the Monuments of History. The Museum rents the following spaces:

Ballroom – the largest palace room. It’s an exquisitely decorated interior maintained in historicizing style which makes a clear reference to the late English Gothic. According to the archive materials, in the interwar period it served as the boardroom of the Management Board of the United Textile Factories of K. Scheibler and L. Grohman. The Large Hall is perfect for scientific conferences, symposiums, lectures, classical music concerts, and other important cultural events.

Palace Garden – in the 19th century the garden surrounding Herbst Palace was a model design with perfectly maintained flower beds and lawns. In the post-war period is was completely destroyed. Conservation works taking place at Herbst palace also included its surrounding. The garden regained its former glory. The garden and the garden house are ideal for all kinds of outdoor events (company meetings or classical music concerts). 

Winter Garden – Originally it constituted a connection between the Large Hall and the orangery. During winters laurel trees which ornamented the palace garden in the summer were stored here. Nowadays the winter garden houses a café. It is a perfect place for the organization of buffet banquets during conferences, symposiums, small business meetings, or elegant dinners.

Ballroom  100  100  70  60
Palace Garden  100  100    
Winter Garden  100  30