Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Sport Bay PŁ

al. Politechniki 10, 93-590 Łódź  +48 42 631 29 68  E-mail  WWW  Facebook

950 1800 - 72  250 1,8km

Academic Sports and Didactic Center of the Lodz University of Technology “Sports Bay” offer three conference rooms which can be used for the organization of training sessions, conferences, or seminars for over 300 participants. The restaurant “Klub Spadkobierców” provides the catering as it manages the restaurant “Flavor Bay” in the facility. The building also gives a possibility of combining training services with events. At Sports Bay, visitors can find, for example, a 50-swimming pool, climbing wall, trampolines and water towers, as well as sports hall with tribunes. It is an ideal venue for the organization of large galas, shows, and other events.

Meeting room / Event space
Hala 650 550    
A+B+C 300      
A 80      
B 80      
C 80      
D+E 200      
D 80      
E 80      
Loża Rektorska 10  20