Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Wytwórnia Club

Łąkowa 29, 90-554 Łódź  +48 42 208 80 80  E-mail  WWW  Facebook  Instagram 

3330  2889 400 200 300  0,8 km

The former Feature Films Studio in Lodz was the biggest Polish film production studio after World War II and the cradle of Polish cinematography. Currently, the former Feature Films Studio houses various companies and institutions which continue the film tradition of the address 29 Łąkowa Street. Klub Wytwórnia is a complex of four halls which are used not only for concerts, but also for large conferences, presentations, and other business meetings. Apart from the halls, the facility also offers a cinema hall with a spacious elegant foyer. The undisputable advantage of Wytwórnia is the fact that it functions as a music club or conference center directly at the DoubleTree by Hilton, creating a unique complex perfect for business tourists.

Meeting room / Event space
Hala II 360 180 60 162
Hala III 1000 780 108 528
Hala II + III 1200 996 150 x
Hala IV 1200 504 108 528
Hala IV (balkon VIP) 160 x x x
Hala V 450 250 102 240
Sala Kinowa  160  x  x  x
Foyer Sali Kinowej  x  x  x  x