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Lodz Airport

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370 433 - catering 355 6,5 km x


“Birthday” room is equipped with 6-people tables, round tables, chairs with arm recliners (30), “aircraft” seats (16), projector, and a small kitchen. Additionally, the room features a glass wall with the view of the take-off strip. “Industrial” room has no equipment, which requires own arrangements on the part of the lessee or the Airport (at lessee’ request). As its name suggests, its appearance is defined by raw concrete flooring and visible metal installation systems. The room has no windows and has 4 doors protected with metal blinds. “View” room is on the terrace, thanks to which it overlooks the airport apron on one side. The only furnishing is the dark graphite floor lining, whereas the rest is up to the lessee to arrange. The room features two partitions which divide it into 3 modules, thus creating, for example, a cloakroom, dining room, and conference room, all thee connected in straight line.

Meeting Room / Event space
Urodzinowa / Birthday 100 48 40 50
Industrialna / Industrial 200 64 80 100
Widokowa / View 70 48 20 35