Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna


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180 154 - catering 8  3 km X X X X

The name “Templum” makes a reference to the original nature of this exceptional place giving it an artistic quality at the same time. TEMPLUM is a space where truth, good and beauty meet, and they are overseen by “Genius loci”. Time passes at its own pace here. Wisdom, inspiration, and expression manifest themselves here weaving their threads so that every visitor, when crossing the threshold, could have the impression of entering another dimension – the dimension created by art.

The room, among others, is intended for scientific conferences and symposiums, business meetings, film shows and monodrama screenings, civil marriages and weddings, family events, concerts and exhibitions, and cultural events.

TEMPLUM consists of the Main Room with Balcony and two lateral rooms with independent doors and rest and refreshment facilities:

  • Right Room – possibility to organize banquet refreshments (dimensions 4.8 m x 6.4 m)
  • Left Room – rest and refreshment room for artists, lecturers, jubilarians, or newlyweds (4.7 m x 5.8 m)
  • Main Room – dimensions (12 m x 8m)
Main Room 100      
Balcony 20      
Right Room 30 18    
Left Room 30 16