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What to see in Lodz on Monday?

Natalia Wątorowska / ŁOT

On mondays, many cultural institutions in Lodz remain closed. Does this mean that tourists will be bored? Of course not! Below is a list of open places and suggestions for Monday activities in Lodz.… Read more

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Lodz in one day, Lodz for two days, or maybe three days in Lodz? How many days are needed to visit Lodz? We will help!

Natalia Wątorowska / ŁOT

Lodz has a lot to offer as a tourist city.Textiles,film,art and attractions for families-Everyone will find something for themselves! To make it easier to get to know our city,we decided to prepared a… Read more

Top 10 holiday attractions in Lodz – Things to Do in Central Poland!

Angelika Zembrzuska / ŁOT

The summer season has already begun! If you are wondering where to go on vacation, Łódź (eng.Lodz) is definitely a destination worth considering! We have prepared a list of TOP 10 places with a lot of… Read more

TOP 13 free attractions in Lodz!!! See what you can do in Lodz for free!

Nadia Grzelak / ŁOT

Łódź's tourist offer is growing every year. There are new attractions all the time and it might seem that you have to pay a lot to visit all the interesting places. Meanwhile, when visiting Łódź, free… Read more

TOP 10 Post-industrial venues in Łódź

Robert Zintera / ŁOT

The fashion for post-industrial venues is still on. When it comes to general interest in unique venues, post-industrial buildings generally attract more than, for example, richly decorated palaces.… Read more

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Lodz, Poland. How to plan a city tour? Where to find souvenirs?

Hubert Koper / ŁOT

Have you just arrive to Łódź and you are wondering what attractions to see? Or maybe you are in Łódź once again and looking for more secrets to discover? Are you wondering what souvenirs from your… Read more