Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

About us

Łódź Tourism Organization was established in 2017 as an association at the initiative of the City of Łódź and local institutions and tourist entrepreneurs of the tourism industry. ŁTO operates on the basis of the Law on Associations and the Act on the Polish Tourist Organization and on the basis of the statute of the ŁTO. It has almost 90 members.

Our mission is to create a positive image of Łódź as a place attractive for tourists as well as to support development of tourist market of the city and the area. We are active at the home and foreign fairs, workshops; we organize promo campaigns and study visits for travel agents and journalist. Through our actions we want to build a long term relations with the most important business partners.

According to the motto „together we can do more” we also integrate the public and economic sectors as well as institutions, people and organizations operating in the City of Lodz interested in the development of tourism in this city.

Tomasz Koralewski, CEO of Łódź Tourism Organization