Book Art Museum

Book Art Museum currently has a permanent gallery: CdA books (publishing house “Correspondance des Arts”) and special releases sponsored by the museum. Vast experience related to the CdA books release allows us to design and publish many other texts in un unconventional manner, thus making them attractive for the readers. Books, catalogues, invitations, or cards – we print them according to the specific needs of the client and they are all unique.

The charm of original ideas, natural materials, craftsmanship, limited batches, etc. make the prints attract a growing interest. The museum gives them special importance as they form a bridge facilitating contacts with the surroundings and helping acquire funds for maintenance. 

The museum is located in Lodz, in the mansion of Henryk Grohman at 24 Tymienieckiego St., and it’s a public nonprofit organization.


The entrance is free of charge. Visits should be appointed in advance telephonically:  (+48) 42 674 42 98(+48) 502 626 466, or e-mail: