L. Geyer's industrial empire

The first owner of the White Factory, Ludwik, Ferdynand Geyer, is considered a pioneer of the development of Lodz textile industry. The industrialist from Brandenburg came to the city in the first half of the 19th century and settled down in the southern part of Piotrkowska Street, at the factory settlement Łódka (from Polish: boat). He quickly built a dynamically growing enterprise. Thanks to his work, the first factory chimney was erected in Lodz, and his looms were powered by a steam engine. The factory owner, and later on his sons, in spite of frequently changing economic situation, were constantly expanding and modernizing their plant. They also never forgot about contributing to the city growth, which showed in their active participation in the construction of public buildings. After World War II, his production plants were nationalized and continued operating until 1990’s under the name Cotton Industry Plant “Eskimo”.    

Thanks to the Geyer family, the southern section of Piotrkowska Street gained a monumental classicist building of the White Factory, located on the opposite side of the Red Factory together with the office building, a number of mansions and factory owners’ palaces, as well as a palace garden with interesting plant species.

Currently the White Factory houses the Central Museum of Textiles, whereas the former garden functions as the Wł. St. Reymont city park and the Open-Air Museum of Lodz Wooden Architecture.