Tours around Manufaktura

Every Sunday during summer holiday season it is possible to take part in free walks around Manufaktura market with a guide from Museum of the Factory in the guise of Leonia or Izrael Poznański. It starts at 12:00 and 3:00pm, the meeting point is located in the passage at Cinema City. After the walk, you can take part in the so-called guided tour, or visiting the Museum of the Factory with a guide at 1:00pm and 4:00pm (purchasing the admission ticket is needed).

Sunday walks are not the only opportunity to visit Manufaktura with a guide. This service can be purchased at Museum of the Factory. There is also the possibility of extending the visit in the former Izrael Poznański's palace - today's Łódź City Museum.

In the Museum of the Factory it is possible to order a guide service including:

Manufaktura market (in Polish) - PLN 150
Manufaktura market (in English) - PLN 200
Manufaktura market, Museum of the Factory and Łódź City Museum (in Polish / English) - PLN 335/400

A guide service in a stylized outfit is an additional fee of PLN 100.
Tickets for museums are also valid.

Visitors to the Fabryka Museum also have the opportunity to use the terrace with a view of the entire Manufaktura. There is a board on it that explains what role the visible buildings had in the past.

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