Tansman Festival - November / December 2020

Tansman Festival, organized every two years, provides space for innovative ideas, meetings, dialogue, and exploration on the border between tradition and modernity. Two decades of the festival have brought unprecedented Polish and world performing and recording previews, over 450 hours of music, 51 symphonic concerts, 10 opera, ballet and multimedia performances, 183 chamber concerts, 270 performances of Aleksander Tansman’s songs, including Polish and world previews, 6000 artists taking part in the festival, over 1100 contests participants, over 70 countries from all the continents of the world, several million audience members, 4 books, 16 CD albums, national and international broadcasts and rebroadcasts of the Polish Radio (including 18 through European Broadcasting Union uniting several dozen countries), TV broadcasts and rebroadcasts, films of the Polish National Television documenting the event, scientific and popular science sessions, exhibitions in Paris, Lodz, Cracow, and Nałęczów, works inspired by and written especially for the festival by such outstanding composers as Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, Michael Nyman, or Krystof Maratka.