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Lodz Convention Bureau invites you to cooperate during your meeting in Poland

Lodz is visited by more and more tourists. Most of them are business tourists coming to the capital of Lodzkie Voivodship for conferences, fairs or corporate events. The city is also becoming an increasingly frequent destination for incentive trips for employees. Lodz Convention Bureau has been operating in the city for several years, supporting the organizers of such events.

EC1 - Miasto Kultury, Hala Maszyn
EC1 - Miasto Kultury, Hala Maszyn

Lodz – one of the fastes growing city in Poland

The constantly developing tourist infrastructure in Lodz allows to organise larger and more extensive events. Currently, the largest fair and conference facility in the city is EXPO-Lodz, which can accommodate 4,500 people in the largest exhibition hall. The entire complex covers an area of ​​13,000 sqm. An equally large facility is sports and entertainment hall - Atlas Arena. 3,500 people will sit on its board, and as many as 13,500 people in the stands. More than 1000 people can also be accommodated in the Machine Hall located in EC1, on the Main Stage in the Grand Theater, the lecture hall of the Clinical and Didactic Center of the Medical University, the Congress and Exhibition Hall in DoubleTree by Hilton hotel and the Ballroom of the Vienna House Andel's Lodz hotel.

Unique post-industrial infrastructure in Poland and Central Europe

As a post-industrial city, Lodz has many interesting smaller buildings located in historic buildings of former factories, tenement houses and palaces. The most interesting ones are: Art_Inkubator in Art. Factory, Museum of the Factory, Foundry, Book & Cook Studio, Artkombinat in Monopolis, MS2 Art Museum, auditoriums of the Humanities and Economics Academy, Tobaco Hotel and Wool Factory Hotel & Spa in nearby Pabianice city. The former villas and palaces of Lodz manufacturers today host conference participants and guests at the Museum of the City of Lodz, the MS1 Art Museum, or the former House of the Credit Society.

International and Polish hotels chains in Lodz

Conference participants and business tourists visiting Lodz can take advantage of a wide range of hotels. In addition to the above-mentioned facilities, the city has international hotel chains: Novotel, Ibis, Holiday Inn, B&B, Polish brands Puro, Arche, Boutique Hotels and many others. The categorized facilities have a total of 4,100 rooms accommodating over 7,700 guests.

What to do in Lodz in the evenings?

A conference center and hotel are half the success of a great congress or business meeting. The other part is the time spent outside of a conference. Local event agencies build their products on the basis of the unique cultural heritage and tourist attractions of Lodz. A lot is happening also in the city. In the coming months, it is planned to open the most anticipated investment of recent years - the Orientarium in the Lodz Zoo. The modern building will include a giant elephant pool, a monkey house, a bird conservatory, and many more of Southeast Asia's fauna and flora. Invariably, visitors are attracted by EC1, including the Planetarium and the Center for Science and Technology. In the near future, the Center for Comics and Interactive Narration will open at EC1, followed by the National Center for Film Culture. One cannot forget about the classic attractions of Lodz, such as the lively Piotrkowska Street, full of local restaurants, pubs and clubs or the unique, post-industrial Manufaktura, as well as museums located in former factories and palaces of Lodz entrepreneurs: the Art Museum, the Central Museum of Textiles , The Museum of the City of Lodz or the Museum of Cinematography.

Lodz Convention Bureau – the free help in organizing conference in Poland

The Lodz Convention Bureau, part of the Lodz Tourist Organization, is intensively working on promoting Lodz in organizing events such as conferences, congresses, fairs and corporate events. The office provides support to companies and institutions that want to organize an event in Poland. The scope and type of benefits depends on factors such as the size, type and duration of the event.

The office also runs the Lodz Congress Ambassadors program, the aim of which is to search for members of international associations who living or working in the city. They are usually professors and doctors of Lodz universities and institutes, but also private companies associated in their industries. Their lobbying and intra-organizational contacts are often necessary to make efforts to win over a given event. As part of the program, the Lodz Convention Bureau helps the Ambassador, in preparatory activities before the event, such as: analysis of the possibility of bringing the event to Lodz, obtaining valuable patronages and letters of support, support in contacts with hotels and service providers, assistance in acquiring local partners of the event, preparation of a professional destination offer, organization of study visits for foreign decision-makers, as well as promotion of the event in the city space and through available on-line channels. The office can also provide support during the event, including by: organizing a mobile tourist information point, providing information materials about the city for participants, or helping to organize trips around Lodz for delegates.

Sustainable development of Łódź into one of the most modern cities in Poland

The revitalization of subsequent quarters in the city center, a well-developed accommodation base and a rich cultural and entertainment offer, combined with the central location in the vicinity of the capital, contribute to the increase of attractiveness of Lodz as a place for organizing conference and business meetings. Increased investments in ecology and greenery related to the preparations for the organization of the green Expo in 2029, combined with the creativity of the inhabitants, promote Lodz as an ideal meeting place - an example of a successful and modern transformation from a post-industrial center into a sustainable and digital metropolis of the 21st century.