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Top 10 holiday attractions in Lodz – Things to Do in Central Poland!

The summer season has already begun! If you are wondering where to go on vacation, Łódź (eng.Lodz) is definitely a destination worth considering! We have prepared a list of TOP 10 places with a lot of tips for your vacation in Łódź. The capital of the Lodzkie Voivodship is changing and developing very rapidly. New tourist attractions appear every year. Check out what you can do in the city during your holidays!

The best tourist attractions in Łódź [THE LIST]

  1. ZOO Lodz Orientarium – Europe’s most modern ZOO

  2. Manufaktura - 19th century textile workshop complex

  3. EC1 Łódź - City of Culture

  4. Piotrkowska Street – the longest promenade in Europe

  5. Księży Młyn – go back in time to the 19th and 20th century Lodz
  6. Monopolis – historic vodka monopoly plant

  7. Łódź City of Film UNESCO trail

  8. Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź – learn more about Polish Manchester

  9. Lodz streetart – Urban Forms Gallery

  10. City parks and the Łagiewnicki Forest – relax and unwind

Orientarium ZOO Lodz, the biggest holiday hit in Lodz!

Opened in spring 2022, the complex is the most modern facility of its kind in Poland. Orientarium presents the fauna and flora of South-east Asia - the largest Indian elephant in Europe, a record-size gavial crocodile, critically endangered in the wild Sumatran orangutans and an underwater tunnel from which you can admire sharks and stingrays swimming overhead - those are just some of the attractions you can enjoy at the zoo. The Orientarium also has a restaurant area with various types of cuisine. Within the complex you will also find three TukTuk souvenir stores. The traditional part of the Lodz zoo is also worth visiting! Orientarium is a roofed facility, so it can be visited both on a sunny summer day and in the rain.

Manufaktura - restaurants, museums and the beach in the center of Poland

One of the biggest Polish commercial and recreational centers, located on the premises of the former factory of Izrael Poznański. The four-year restoration of the complex (former weaving mill, power plant, finishing facilities and the fire department building) was the first example of industrial space revitalization on such a large scale in Poland.

The Manufaktura complex has been in existence since 2006, from the beginning becoming one of the city's landmarks. In addition to a diverse shopping offer, many other attractions await visitors: an IMAX 4D cinema, museums, restaurants serving cuisine from all over the world, cafes or even the city's beach, which, together with a beach bar, makes Manufaktura the perfect sightseeing site in Lodz. What adds to Manufaktura's special ambience is the fact that the architecture of the complex refers to the 19th century factory of Izrael Poznański, which operated there before its revitalization. The Museum of the City of Lodz located next door at the intersection of Ogrodowa Street and Zachodnia Street is also worth a visit. Here you can see, among other things, an exhibition on multicultural Lodz and learn about the history of the city. At the back of the Palace is a beautiful garden. Another very important attraction of Manufaktura is the Factory Museum, located just by the main square. This is a place entirely dedicated to the history of the former factory of Israel Poznanski.

EC1 – the City of Culture

If you are still wondering how to spend your holidays in Łódź, EC1 is a good idea! EC1 Łódź is a former, first municipal power plant in Łódź, built at the beginning of the 20th century. In 2008, the revitalization of the historic building began. Currently, it houses the most modern Planetarium in Poland equipped with a spherical screen, the Center of Science and Technology, the National Center of Film Culture, the Center of Comics and Interactive Narration created by the organizers of the International Festival of Comics and Games, as well as conference rooms and halls perfect for events, including the largest Art Nouveau Machine Hall (1,360 sq. m). Younger visitors will be delighted with the educational amusement park, so called Street of the Elements. It is an inspiration for a joint journey aimed at discovering reality.

Piotrkowska Street - a perfect place for an evening stroll

One of the most famous streets in the country and, at the same time the longest Polish promenade is a showpiece of the city. Here, in the historic 19th and 20th century tenement houses and palaces you can find shops, restaurants, cafes, gardens, pubs and music clubs. Piotrkowska Street is bustling with life all year round and the fairs and festivals held here, such as the Light Move Festival create unique charm. While strolling along Piotrkowska Street during the summer and even in winter, it is worth taking a look at its renovated courtyards, including courtyard called OFF Piotrkowska - one of the new wonders of Poland, or 217 Piotrkowska Street. An extraordinarily interesting points of interest are the Rose Passage and the Birth of the Day artistic courtyads. While strolling it is also worth to look up. The facades of the buildings at Piotrkowska Street are full of interesting eclectic architectural details - caryatids, bas-reliefs, bay windows ... Look under your feet and you will see the Avenue of Stars referring to the cinematic heritage of Łódź and the Memorial of Łódź Citizens of the Turn of the Millennium- a lane of nearly 17,000 paving stones with a cast-iron plate with the names and surnames of the founders.

Księży Młyn - 19th century factory - residential complex will take you back in time

Księży Młyn (eng. Priest’s Mill) in the times of industrial Łódź was one of the largest factory complexes in the city - today it is a climatic, ramarkable but still relatively undervalued area in the city. While visiting the former factory estate, it is worth dropping in for a glass of tasty wine at Winoteka. For those hungry for historical knowledge, we recommend the Museum of Cinematography and the Herbst Palace Museum - a branch of the Art Museum. Cultural events, fashion shows and handicraft fairs are also organized here. The renovated post - factory premices hide many atmospheric and green alleys. In the summer at Priest’s Mill you can relax at a concert organized as a part of the Letnisko na Księżym Młynie festival. It's best to visit Priest’s Mill while on vacation in Lodz or any other warm summer day.

Monopolis - a great choice for a holiday dinner

Monopolis is a relatively new place that quickly stole the hearts of Łódź residents and tourists - its name and industrial architecture refers to the former historic vodka monopoly plant, that was once here. Today Monopolis is a place where we can visit restaurants serving meals of the highest quality, including the well-known and tasty Arteria Restaurant. We can participate in artistic events organized in the Monopolis Scena or visit the exhibition of paintings in ARTGaleria - all in a beautiful post-industrial setting.

Łódź City of Film UNESCO trail – discover cinematic Łódź

Holiday in Łódź is a good time to follow the film trail. There would be no Polish cinematography without Łódź - it is not without a reason that Łódź bears the title of "Unesco City of Film"! It is here the popular "Filmówka" – Film School is located, where the most prominent people among film-related artists studied. Next to it we can visit the Museum of Cinematography, where we can learn about the history of this field, and the original photoplasticon - stereo-scope viewer - one of the six preserved in the world! At Piotrkowska Street we will take a walk along the Alley of Stars that pays tribute to the most eminent names of Polish cinema. There is also a unique hotel at Piotrkowska Street, the Old Cinema Residence. For connoisseur of film history, we recommend the Łódź City of Film UNESCO Trail, which allows you to delve deeper into the cinematic heritage of this city.

Central Museum of Textiles - a unique summer attraction in Łódź

The textile industry is inextricably associated with Łódź. The history of this industry is reflected in the Central Museum of Textiles, which is located in the historic White Factory. The current exhibition City-Fashion-Machine is worth paying a visit. Another interesting site is the Łódź City Culture Park – an open air museum with its characteristic 19th century buildings with weavers' houses and a suburban summer villa. The multimedia museum offers visitors the opportunity to virtually interact with selected exhibits, learn about the history of the textile industry, the White Factory and the Geyer family that hides many secrets. Different types of fabrics and weaves are on display, as well as the clothes that people wore in the 19th and 20th centuries. Thanks to the modern technologies you can observe the steam engine at work. Wandering along the trail of exhibits related to the textile industry visitors will be taken back to the days of industrial Lodz.

Łódź Street art - an unique Urban Forms Gallery

Traveling along the trail of Łódź murals on a warm summer day is a perfect idea. Street art is a characteristic element of Lodz landscape - almost 200 murals decorate the walls of buildings in the city center and other districts. Discovering Łódź street art is a good idea for a summer walk. Rose Passage at 3 Piotrkowska Street is also worth visiting. This is a unique and personal project that refers to the illness of the artist's daughter – Róża (eng. Rose). The realization of the project was very laborious and the effect in beautiful. Another artistic backyard you can find at 4 Więckowskiego Street, just near Piotrkowska Street, where the inscription "NARODZINY DNIA" (eng. The Birth of the Day) appears above the gate. Step inside and you will be moved into a fairy-tale world of fantasy.

Łódź Parks - a perfect idea for a hot day in Łódź

Vacations in the city of Lodz can sometimes be hot. On hot days just take a shelter in one of the dozens of parks in Lodz. About 20% of the area of Lodz is green space, and these are still increasing. The Botanical Garden, the Zoological Garden, the city's parks, Lagiewnicki Forest (the largest urban forest in Europe!) are just a few suggestions of places where we can go for a picnic, a bicycle trip or a family walk while unwinding and listening to the singing birds. Additionally, during the summer picnics and concerts are often being organized.

Of course, there are much more suggestions for holidays in Łódź - visit our website www.lodz.travel and see for yourself! Tourist Information Center at 28 Piotrkowska Street is the place where we would like to welcome you and tell you more about our city that we are proud of. Here you can also buy souvenirs related to the city and get free information materials that will make your sightseeing more enjoyable.