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TOP 10 Post-industrial venues in Łódź

The fashion for post-industrial venues is still on. When it comes to general interest in unique venues, post-industrial buildings generally attract more than, for example, richly decorated palaces. Not too many post-industrial venues are available on the Polish market. Luckily, new industrial venues are constantly being renovated in Łódź. Thanks to this, the fashion for post-industrial facilities in Łódź is still going on and is doing well.

There are over 200 various historic factories in Łódź. A large part of them has been adapted to the needs of the meetings industry. These include both event hotels and meeting places without accommodation. In Łódź you can find every kind of post-industrial places, from “posh”, precisely restored pearls of architecture to the raw, authentic industrial interiors. Post-industrial venues in Lodz are suitable for any type of event. The city's offer includes both intimate places, adequate for small corporate events, as well as large, spacious facilities, ideal for grand galas for over 1000 guests.

Below is a list of ten post-industrial facilities in Łódź that every meeting organizer should know about:

The number of post-industrial facilities in Łódź is constantly growing. The city currently is going through a real investments boom, both individual buildings and entire post-industrial complexes are being renovated. Monopolis is the latest post-industrial investment that just have been opened. Another one, Ogrody Geyera (Geyer’s Gardens), is almost ready. Advanced renovation works are also going on in the historical area of Księży Młyn – Fuzja complex will offer beautiful powerhouse from XIX century built in art nouveau style.

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