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Łódź for family with children

Łódź is a great place for a trip with the whole family! A rich offer for children will satisfy all visitors who are looking for a diverse and unforgettable experience. Parks, science centres, museums - this is only a part of the offers that can be found in Łódź!

Miś Uszatek
Miś Uszatek
  1. The Łódź Fairy Tale Trail is a trail consisting of ten statues of characters from animated films created at SE-MA-FOR studio in Łódź. The sculptures stand right next to the most important attractions of the city. While visiting the trail, you can get the PTTK "Bajkowa Łódź" badge. How to do it? Collect stamps in a special booklet, and the appropriate number of them entitles you to buy a badge and a diploma of the explorer of Fairy-tale Łódź. All the children will love it!
  2. Aquapark FALA is one of the largest water parks in Poland. The outdoor and indoor pool area with numerous pools and attractions is the perfect place for a family day. For children there are: mega slides, water playgrounds and the famous swimming pool with an artificial wave. The water park also invites you to the pool restaurant and "wet bar". aquapark.lodz.pl/en/tickets/
  1. The Łódź ZOO The Lodz ZOO is a combination of modern animal runs and interestingly arranged pavilions, such as the Monkey Grove or the Aquarium. The ZOO has numerous places to rest, a playground and souvenir shops. You can also eat dinner with your whole family there. A huge investment is now being built in the zoo – Orientarium. It will be a modern, large-scale exhibition of land and water fauna and elements of culture in the Southeast Asia. www.zoo.lodz.pl
  2. Manufaktura is the former cotton empire of Izrael Poznański, revitalized and transformed into a shopping and entertainment center. There are so many attractions that every family can spend the whole day here! We will find here e.g. Experymentarium - an interactive center where you can learn about scientific issues through play; The Factory Museum, which, thanks to an interesting exhibition and workshops, teaches about the history of industrial Łódź; Arena Laser Games - for lovers of competition and sports challenges, and Stratosfera - a climbing center. In the summer, there is a beach on the Manufaktura square, and in the winter there is an ice rink. There are also designated play-zones in the shopping center. Take the kids to the Manufaktura Center! https://en.manufaktura.com/
  3. EC1 Łódź - the City of Culture is located in the revitalized Łódź CHP plant. The complex consists of the Interactive Center for Science and Technology, which can be visited along three educational paths. The EC1 also has the most modern Planetarium in Poland. Everyone will find something interesting here! https://ec1lodz.pl/?language=en
  4. The Lodz Botanical Garden is a unique place for all nature lovers. Alpinarium, arboretum and rural open-air museum will allow you to relax and take a breath of fresh air right next to the city center. The benches are also interesting - some of them tell interesting stories!
  5. The Palm House is a place where you will feel almost like in the tropics. Giant banana trees, palm trees, cacti and carnivorous plants are not the only attractions - colorful fish swim among the plants and turtles bask in the sun. Maybe we can feed them?
  6. "Zdrowie" Park is the largest park complex in Łódź. The park is adjacent to the Botanical Garden, ZOO and Aquapark FALA. The complex is a place for relaxation and active games. For the youngest tourists there are playgrounds, a Jordan garden and a recreation center divided into several parts: a small rest zone, a street workout zone and the "Hill of Three Towers" with slides.
  7. Mandoria - a new amusement park has been created near Łódź (Rzgów)! Mandoria will take you to the Renaissance era and the fascinating period of great travels. In the park, everyone can also enjoy fantastic food and exotic drinks. Let yourself be carried away by the adventure! https://mandoria.com/
  8. Souvenirs from Łódź. We invite you to the Łódź Tourist Information at 28 Piotrkowska Street for unique souvenirs! Plush toys, magnets, T-shirts and postcards - all this for the youngest and slightly older tourists from Łódź!