LCJescape Game

LCJescape "Cartel" Game is a scripts of a new escape room which was opened near the Lodz Airport. The name LCJescape come from “LCJ” i.e. abbreviation IATA uses (International Air Transport Association) for Lodz Airport Central Poland.

“The impact of the Sinaloa cartel may be felt not only in Mexico, but also much farther away. The cartel boss El Chapo keeps on escaping justice and playing Mexican government and their US allies for fools. There is a breakthrough though. DEA reaches an insider, El Chapo’s collaborator, and learns of a huge cross-border drop near the San Diego airport, which is to be supervised by El Chapo himself. DEA forms a group of agents and begins the mission “CARTEL”.  

Players (2 to 8 people) have 100 minutes to complete the route and solve the mystery. The first part takes the players through a vast land adjacent to the airport in Pilska St., whereas the second stage of the game takes place in an airport hangar. The setting and creativity of the mysteries make everybody feel like they are in the middle of a drug-dealing bust. To take the most advantage of the effect, you can sign for the game after dark.

Organizer Type No. of participants Duration Foreign languages
Lodz Central Poland Airport Escape room 2-8 100 min