Pomorska 21

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300 530 2 catering 5 1,6km x x x x

The restored building of the Credit Society House features one of the most beautiful interiors on the map of the post-factory Lodz. 21 Pomorska offers its guests 19th century conference and reception rooms which, after having been thoroughly revitalized, regained their former glory. Newly-arranged space is perfect for the organization of weddings and nuptials, company meetings, trade fairs, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, concerts, or promotional meetings. Additional advantage of the place is its excellent location in the very center of the city. The most beautiful spot of the building is the located on the first floor Meeting Hall together with the mezzanine – the biggest and most impressive interior. This unique reception space is simply made for exclusive banquets.

Meeting room / Event space
 Sala Zgromadzeń 180 156 180 90
 Oddział Bankowy 58 50 58 32
Sala Posiedzeń dyrekcji 1 80 84 80 50
Sala posiedzeń dyrekcji 2 80 84 80 50
Sala operacyjna 50 60 50 28